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viernes, 16 de abril de 2010

List Building Profits - Are They Real?

You have probably heard about a mailing list and how this strategy can help you as an online entrepreneur. If you have an online business, then you are naturally concerned with profits. Now, the question is, are list building profits real? Do these profits really exist? To make things clear, here are two of the reasons that can lead you to the truth about list building profits.

1. List building can create you a regular customer base.

Because of the act of list building, you get to accomplish the first step in creating a regular base. Once you have a working list with you, it now becomes necessary for you to "take care" of that list. You must let it grow and you must do everything you can to build trust and an ongoing relationship that can lead you to a stronger customer base. With a stronger base, you get to have a regular source of buyers, hence, the profits come pouring in.

2. List building allows you to focus on a particular niche market.

Because of mailing list, you get to touch people who are already interested in your product. While this interest can be in various levels, you do not have to start from zero. Once a customer enters his or her name and email address on your squeeze page, you know that you can start working in order to gain that person's trust which can lead to sales. Since you are focusing on a niche market, the odds are in for you to make more sales to people who are interested.

Targeted email marketing and list building for profit can be very rewarding, but you must do it properly with the customer as a continuing source of profit for you, not just a target.

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